Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Found Fragment 3

—the times I slept alone, dreaming my slack
body over you, your winged shoulders spread, your back
carried the weight of my body—

the heavy weight

of the horizon. My trembling hands translated
your form into a winged Assyrian bull,
a support of my desire, as a figure
of myth, circling, or a broken recording:
Beethoven’s sonata number fourteen,
opus twenty-seven in an endless loop, coursing
through the blood, in the head, repetitious, a lean
fragmentation of a longer body of work,
unlimited chorus, lush, a starling lung-ing
into the night with its song, transporting
its desire beyond impulse, the voice plunging

Residing in Cypress, Texas with his partner of ten years, David-Glen Smith teaches English Literature at Lone Star College – CyFair. He received his MFA at Vermont College, and his MA at the University of MO at St. Louis. Currently, he and his partner have welcomed a baby boy into their lives. For more information visit:

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