Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Thank You and a Call for Visual Art

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our Melancholy Readers for their attention to the e-zine, as well as for their praise of Susan Rooke’s poem “All Hallows.” We know that she is thrilled, and we are as well! We hope that you will continue to stick with us, read, enjoy, and hopefully submit. We want to see your name in our submission pile!

A huge thank you also goes out to Ben Huberman for featuring our blog in “Freshly Pressed.” We greatly appreciate the notice for Susan’s fine poem.

For those Melancholies who have been around for a while–you may have noticed that our Freshly Pressed “All Hallows” post was a bit more colorful than usual, featuring a photograph at the top of the page for visual interest and a bio pic of the poet. We would like to do this more often and will make the effort as we enjoyed the effect.

If anyone would like to discuss lending their photography to the e-zine or designing a logo for Melancholy Hyperbole (for the exposure, as we sadly cannot afford to pay), please email us for details on how we would accept such submissions at melancholy hyperbole at gmail dot com (no attachments please).

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