Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Into the Depths

Kraken is the definite form of “krake,”
from the Norwegian,
meaning an unhealthy animal
or something twisted.
I remember this
as steam coats the shower glass like
fog from the rising foam.
I have fantasized here countless times,
my hands finding the purchase
that words could not.
Not so long ago I could only imagine
The cresting waves of your movements,
rhythmic as the tides.
Your ring and your oaths
are abandoned
in the storm of our bodies,
entwined as willing sacrifice.
The soap coats your infidelity
but will not conceal it.
It cannot obscure
the wanton press of your breasts.
It cannot obscure the wreckage.
Like a hungry beast,
I crush the ships’ hull of your ribcage.
Taste the salt of your flesh
in the violence of my embrace.
As Verne once noted,
the beast can only destroy.
The beast can only consume.
Michael Cantin is a California native and a newcomer to the craft.  Currently he trolls Orange County seeking introspection and experience.  Buy him a beer sometime.  It might be worth your while.

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  1. Excellent, especially the opening and ending stanzas.

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