Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.


Rain taps on the tin roof
and I am in an unlit room
not thinking of you.
The air is cold, not like winter;
it feels like your arms
when they’re not
wrapped across my ribs,
your hand curling
next to my lips,
catching my more quiet breaths.
1:24 AM – the clock
sits on the table
next to the right side
of my bed, where you slept.
I am not lonely;
morning will be here soon.
Rachel Nix is from Northwest Alabama. Despite an irrational fear of frogs, she’s declared herself pretty content with living in the boonies. Her work has been recently published at The Summerset Review, Spillway, and Bop Dead City; Rachel can be found at:

Categories: Poetry, Themed, Unfortunately I can't love you

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