Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.


In the horology of us
Kandinsky’s Autumn in Bavaria sings at 6 o’clock:
we walk idly along it, we debate composers.
3 o’clock paints that July wedding
and the two slices of cake I ate.
We’re making love on both hotel beds at 3:45.
That letter to Los Angeles you never received? You are
not receiving it at 8:15. Instead, you’re learning
to tango/I’m reading Hejinian/you’re bicycling a beer run.
10 o’clock is itchy – it stifles the airwaves, it clears
the table. I’m reaching to tell you, to tug at
your sweater, but midnight’s already
chiming – inevitable, inevitable – and you’re cursing
11/I’m tripping over 7/we’re both betting on 1 –
the sound of us wading into Indian River shimmering, shivering.
E. E. Scott is a poet living in Brunswick, Maine. She previously curated the Fox House Reading Series in Kalamazoo, MI and edited the Delta House Anthology. She presently works and writes at Boost House.  You can find her on Twitter at
The above painting is Kandinsky’s “Autumn in Bavaria.”

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