Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

An Opportunity for Reprints

Hello Former Contributors and Other Interested Parties,

We thought you might be interested to learn of an opportunity available to you at Cahoodaloodaling, a fine ezine we admire.

Details follow:

Issue #12 – The Repeat Review

Unlike many publications, we eagerly accept previously published work. Surprisingly, we receive very few. We want to get the word out.

Our twelfth issue will comprised solely of previously published work (with the exception of cover art, which may be previously published or currently unpublished.) It is necessary to make sure you have permission to republish your work. Please follow our normal submission guidelines and include all previously published information.

Please consider this an opportunity to hawk your book or revisit a work you were particularly proud of. Exerpts or short chapters from longer pieces desired, as well as short stories and poems. Updated versions of the original works A-OK. As always, collaborative work is strongly encouraged.

We Do NOT consider personal blogs as ‘previously published’ as this is a gray area in the publishing world, but DO consider self published books as ‘previously published.’

When in doubt, please query.

There will be no guest judge this issue, and the spotlight will be determined by Raquel Thorne.

Submissions due 3/31/14. Issue live 4/30/14.”

In other words, if you’ve already contributed to Melancholy Hyperbole–no matter how recentlythis is our way of inviting you to resubmit your work to Cahoodaloodaling. Why? Well, because it’s awesome for us to do that, that’s why. We only ask that you please credit us as the first place of publication when you submit.

Have a lovely day,

Your Melancholy Editors

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