Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Oh goodness

The sea is so vast I feel helpless when your voice comes mangled through my cheap speakers. I press pause because I hear something pained and honest in it that our years of pixelated letters failed to transmit. It’s like you knew about the secret poem I wrote last month about wanting to drink coffee with you and forgetting your accent. My voice is present for you through my poetry. I just have your sketches which bring up gestures.

Anna PercyAnna Percy’s first full collection Livid Among The Ghostings was published by Flapjack Press last summer. She was included in Sweet Tongues: A Food Poetry Anthology from Commonword. She has a Creative Writing MA from The University of Manchester. She is part of Stirred Poetry Collective, a monthly feminist poetry event that runs workshops with art festivals and other organisations.

Categories: Poetry, Themed, Unfortunately I can't love you

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