Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Speaker of the Church of the Psychedelic Goat

“Robots cannot be trusted,”
hollered the man
dressed as a Geisha woman.
He stood wide-legged
and barefoot
atop the makeshift stage,
braced only on cement blocks,
in the garage behind
Pegasus Records
in Florence, Alabama.
A fog machine and cheap lights
strung behind him set the mood
as he and his band offered
sermons of sorts
between their songs.
“Jump ropes are detrimental
to our youth,” he continued
as he stripped down
to women’s panties
and fishnet stockings.
I found little fault
with the logic
behind his flamboyant doctrine,
only with the holes
in his panties.
Rachel Nix is a native of Northwest Alabama. She likes coffee in the morning and bourbon at night, but rarely knows what time it is otherwise. Her work has been published in Spillway, The Summerset Review, and Bop Dead City. Rachel is the poetry editor at cahoodaloodaling; more of her poetry can be found at:

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  1. Thanks for the giggle this morning, I so needed that. Quite the visual you paint.

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