Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Bridget Talks About Love and Pavlov’s Dog to Her Niece

The laws of physics are often like the Laws
of Love, she says. Newton talked about motion
and gravity. Einstein had a Theory of Relativity.
Think of light, optics. Yes, you’d better buckle-up.
When you’re in love there will be a whoosh.
You’ll look Twilight Zone-ist, your toes, soles,
won’t touch the ground. Honey, you’ll levitate,
ride all matter of things. A liar’s lip. Make
Mars or moon landings inside teacups. Girl, you
have to understand–1+1 will never equal 2.
Please Baby, Don’t cry.
He loves you, loves you not. There’s no fine
print. You can’t use a “voltaic pile,” a battery.
Or measure his head shape, figure his Cephalic
Index to get any answer. Maybe he’s a good
kisser. I’m telling you: most likely nothing
will make sense–not how you prepare your
deviled eggs. That he’s turned on by a fine,
very fine, woman. That you made him Pavlov’s
dog for an hour or two or three on Friday.
Baby, here’s a tissue.
Lets consider our Q & A. If he calls should
you answer? Can you live without him?
Were you just a piece of ass? Do you ask
for your nude photos and money back? Was
that a shove, or did he hit you? Baby Girl,
should I go on? It’s not going to end well. By
November or sooner, he’ll knock on your door
again, fold you like a napkin, stay the night.
I know because I can already smell the beer-gut,
cig’s smoke, spermatozoa every time you say,
“But I Love Him.” Oh please, baby girl. Newton
didn’t know about ClearBlue tests during the
17th century (you’ve beat the odds this time).
But he knew about unrequited love, the heart,
vulva, penis — that if a woman was foolish enough,
what was in motion would stay in motion.
Isaac Black, a Vermont College MFA graduate, has work published or forthcoming in journals like the Beloit Poetry Journal, San Pedro River Review, and Spillway. A Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, he’s also been awarded fellowships from the New York State Creative Artists Service Program (CAPS) and New York Foundation of the Arts.

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