Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

New Joad

Half of Vegas is abandoned
still holding out “For Sale”
signs, supplicating before
receding glitter and moon-seen
Luxor itself starved for sacrifice.
“Who do we shoot?”
Nobody thinks to change
population and elevation
same as a decade ago, flush
with bodies, height, and feed—
you have to anticipate
“Maybe they need 500, so they send 2000.”
Everyone, everything hides
somewhere in Red Rock
past the scurrying desert uglies
and scorpions and junkies
abandoned for being “downers”
“That’s why I can’t be a preacher.”
The gods in Caesar’s lost
ability or will to move their mouths
but the tourists gape and awe
and photograph the fall
preceding (or following) their own.

J.D. Isip’s poetry, plays, and short fiction have appeared in several online and print publications. His poetry collection Pocketing Feathers will be released by Saddie Girl Press in 2015. J.D. is a professor living in Plano, Texas. He is a California native who misses Disneyland very much. He is the editor of Ishaan Literary Review.

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