Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.


Lighting a cigarette burns off tension. Inhaling,
Exhaling, like prayer it relaxes anonymous
Fears, confrontation
Dissipates. Fifty cents, leave me alone fifty cents is nothing
To calm the angst of living. Blunted emotions are repressed, even hidden.
Another drag, the agony of withdrawal
Is delayed. Two quarters and okay, a bit more
For one smoke, seems a cheap trip to Escape.
Hey back off, I’m not bothering you. I have nothing I need to confess.
I hang
On a filament, knotted to addiction.
KavanaughKavanaugh’s poetry, prose and photographs have appeared online in Melancholy Hyperbole, When Women Waken, and Blotterature. She travels the scenic route between St. Pete, Florida and the Off Campus Writers Workshop (OCWW) in Winnetka, Illinois. She’s won awards in two contests. When she’s not writing, she’s either listening to slices of life or shells on a beach.

Categories: Confession, Poetry, Themed

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  1. Now how will we hear your lovely poems if you are gone?

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