Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Melissa Among Flowering Queen Anne’s Lace: Daucus carota

Walking outside. You move through galaxies.
Stars flowering during mid-day hours. These

small white blossoms pool, clustering around.
As mingling of mosaics. Broken—

pieced together without any impulse
to pattern: Athena becomes the sea,

becoming folds of night, foaming darkness
of your hair pulled back from your eyes. Believe

me, reluctant muse, even with silence,
the mere action of you holding a reed

of this plant to your lover represents
more than words allow— it sparks a release,

it echoes with a want misunderstood,
with variations chanting. Un-muted.
dgsDavid-Glen Smith resides in Cypress, Texas, with his partner of fifteen years. They welcomed a baby boy into their lives in 2010. Smith’s first book, Variations on a Theme of Desire, was published by Saint Julian Press in April 2015. His work has appeared recently in various magazines: Assaracus, Intellectual Refugee, and Polychrome Ink. For more information, visit his site. For occasional creative outbursts, visit him on twitter: @DavidGlenSmith.


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