Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Hiding Place

i am everybody’s favorite
hiding place, everyone’s
bedroom closet and under-the-staircases
where they wrote letters as a
kid and packed a suitcase to run
away with, the nooks and crannies
they breathed deeply in, escaped
family dinners in, hurt themselves
in, i am a thousand empty spaces
of wood, cement, aluminum, flesh
and bone, yet i don’t seem to
be animated yet, a real person yet.
i am a thousand sacred shrines and
no one’s saint.
Odelia Fried is a student, slam poet, writer, and actor based in NYC. Her written work can be seen in various literary magazines. She performs her slam poetry at UrbanWordNYC as well as open mics in NYC. Her passions include womanhood, Judaism, queer identity, and the intersections between the three.

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