Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Polyamory with Lonelinesses

you can love a thousand lonelinesses,
no need for monogamy, you are limitless

you can love the razor and the scale,
that third bottle of vodka. you can love

the night of karaoke with friends when you’re
the only one sober as well as loving

your bathtub as you sit in it alone on a friday
night, starkly pale and small

you can love the first kiss’s fists
curled up like cats, ready to strike

you can love the first line of crimson
bite, the blur of thoughts afterwards–

band-aid or no band-aid? does it matter?
go ahead, lose yourself in

plath. and sexton. and dickinson and
o’connor and barrett-browning and
angelou bishop, st. vincent millay
a thousand lovers who will make
you feel a little less alone

love a thousand lonelinesses,
love the person and their butchershop,
tiny flecks of blood clinging to their
“kiss me, i’m the cook” apron
Odelia Fried is a student, slam poet, writer, and actor based in NYC. Her written work can be seen in various literary magazines. She performs her slam poetry at UrbanWordNYC as well as open mics in NYC. Her passions include womanhood, Judaism, queer identity, and the intersections between the three.

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