Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

When a Bargain Is No Deal

I found a poetic vehicle
posted 4 sale:

72 santa fe travel trailer.

Twenty feet or it could be a 16 footer.
small but has all amen-ities. needs
foam, curtains, other misc., some
waterproofing–easy to do fixits.
seems road worthy. also
has dual wheels for better stability.
great for camping or an extra room.
**not real firm on the price**

I’m ready to tow it, load turquoise and tube tops,
cases of Tecate, pintos and salsa.

If I don’t get vacation time, my boss goes with me
duct-taped to the front seat.

I’ll dump my laptop, thumb my nose at deadlines
and drive until the stars expire.

I’ll talk coffee gibberish.
Gas up in Barstow, overheat on Tehachapi,
become nervous in Needles.
And try not to break down in Winslow.

When I hit I-40, I’ll gun it,
stupefied from my long drive,

the stubborn unflinching road
to drink me
from its glistening mirage.

Cathryn Shea has earned a living from writing most of her life. Her chapbook, Snap Bean, is by CC.Marimbo. Find her poetry in Gargoyle, Permafrost, Rust + Moth, and elsewhere. See her website and visit her on Twitter for more.


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  1. Bravo!!!

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