Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

All those bottles

creeping over concrete trails to the clink
of phantom draughts –
the shadow of red velvet nights
staining my teeth and throat
the altar of empty bottles—tributes
to the blur and stretch of a girl
whose name I will forget
to the assurance that death is a lie
to the knife-edge brightness of Orion
to waking up, to minute-stopping throbs ticking
down the day against the walls, my skull;
a spell worked for the worst taste of immortality.


she's a pirateKate Garrett writes and edits. She founded Three Drops Press in 2015, and is senior editor for poetry and flash fiction at Pankhearst. Her work appears in various journals online and in print, and her latest pamphlet, The Density of Salt, is out now from Indigo Dreams. She lives in Sheffield, UK with her husband, a cat, and three trolls who call her “Mum”.

Categories: Poetry, Themed, UK Poets

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