Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.


The sun is setting behind the mountains and pours its golden light everywhere. Whole Indonesia unfolds before my eyes. Rice fields, forests and rivers, banana trees, houses, mud ponds. Wide rivers and narrow ones, waterfalls, huge plains, roads carved into mountains, children riding bicycles, bamboo trees, late farmers coming back from work, two men sitting next to their bikes watching the sunset, group of youngsters cheering when the train is passing, families gathering, canteens filling up, trash everywhere. Little child is controlling the fire in the forest with a big stick, stairs going up and up, nowhere. Girl receiving a phone call sitting on the pavement. The day is over, the day continues, nobody can stop the train, can stop the life can stop the time. Only the sun grows more and more intense. Now it’s almost red, burning, using its last strength. The farmer is still on the muddy shores, like he doesn’t know that there will be another day to finish his work before the work finishes him.


AKrAnete Kruusmägi is Estonian writer currently living in Belgium. Previously she has published poems in Estonian literary journal Värske Rõhk and a short story in Jess. She loves to read and her current favourites are T.S Eliot and Catie Hannigan.


Categories: Poetry, Themed, Unseen

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