Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.


An Opportunity for Reprints

Hello Former Contributors and Other Interested Parties, We thought you might be interested to learn of an opportunity available to you at Cahoodaloodaling, a fine ezine we admire. Details follow: “Issue #12 – The Repeat Review Unlike many publications, we eagerly accept previously published work. Surprisingly, we receive very few. We want to get the word out. Our twelfth issue will comprised solely of previously published work (with the exception […]

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Thank You and a Call for Visual Art

We wanted to take a moment to thank all our Melancholy Readers for their attention to the e-zine, as well as for their praise of Susan Rooke’s poem “All Hallows.” We know that she is thrilled, and we are as well! We hope that you will continue to stick with us, read, enjoy, and hopefully submit. We want to see your name in our submission pile! A huge thank you […]

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Temporary Theme

Though we will not introduce themes regularly, today is October 1st which to us means one thing: Halloween. We are formally inviting our readers to submit their autumn and/or Halloween themed poetry to us throughout the month. The deadline for this theme is October 25th so that we can post all accepted submissions by the end of the month. Extra brownie points if you include the element of longing, which […]

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The new way we intend to help promote your #poetry.

In this digital day and age we must embrace all of the promotional platforms available to us in order to promote our art and/or the art of others. We would therefore like to present those whom we accept for publication with the opportunity to have their work featured on the popular online art community called deviantART regardless of whether or not the poet has an existing dA account, with no […]

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It Begins Today!

Hello, lovely readers.  Thanks for stopping by to check out what’s going on at Melancholy Hyperbole.  Today we have our first poem scheduled to go up; a piece by David Oestreich titled “Olenus to Lethaea.”  In the following days we will also publish work across the spectrum of topics by Craig W. Steele, Thomas Zimmerman, William Doreski, and Nancy Woo. We thank everyone who has submitted so far, both those […]

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Our Prompts Section

We added a new section to the site today dedicated to prompts.  We will update the page regularly to help you keep your ideas flowing, and hopefully keep the submissions coming in! Melancholy Hyperbole is not a themed e-zine other than that we ask for poetry about longing.  Please don’t look to our prompts as mandatory ideas to choose from but merely as a tool we hope will be helpful […]

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Welcome To Our New E-Zine

Melancholy Hyperbole is a new poetry e-zine looking for poets both published and unpublished for our inaugural issue.  We are interested in poetry about longing.  This is a wide-open subject and can mean anything from unrequited lust to the loss of a pet.  Whatever the subject matter, it must not be boring or corny.  Send us your best work.  Put a new spin on something.  Most of all, please spread […]

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