Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.

Prose poetry


It’s been a while since I’ve talked to the clown with the framed degree. I can feel the same tremors roar their way home again. The volcano smirks and I can’t keep it down anymore; it bubbles in my pulse with a red froth. Dad has taken the blue road again; I can see him walking with his hands in his pockets. Away. Where the daughters are sane and the wives […]

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You accept this.

The tangent force fields of expressive lights, mock the hipsters at dawn who wear tortoise rimmed spectacles and smoke rough skinny roll ups. Ravishing darlings giggle aggressively at unsightly academics, who struggle with daunting books spiked with psychoanalytical lingo. Melodramatic metaphors hang from the moon, blinding in its effortless demeanour to generate confusion and grace. You sit in disproportionate bars sipping artificial cocktails constructed with lies and fabrications while the […]

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my mother plays games

she charges more than i make in a week and i’ve seen her naked ass on a VHS i found in the garage. house calls are dog days of sitting in the van; waiting for her to come back. i am a ten percent margin of error, i think. the rings she has are not big enough for her and too big for me; i am lost in the curves […]

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