Melancholy Hyperbole

Poetry about longing.


We would like to welcome Nettie Farris, whom we have published several times here at MH, onto our peripheral staff as our official book reviewer. We are pleased to announce that Melancholy Hyperbole will now begin posting several book reviews per year (poetry only).

The first open window to submit your queries is May – August 2016. Nettie will select–at her discretion–very few titles.

*Do not send your review queries to the Melancholy Hyperbole address.* Nettie has a separate address (below) where you can send your queries, and then only within the specified time frame.

We look forward to this partnership, and we hope that our readers will be excited about it as well.


Please send the following information to nettiefarrisreviews at gmail dot com:

Authors name; title; publisher; publishing date; a brief statement about how the collection fits together as a whole; and a sample of 5 poems from the collection. Subject line: review query/Melancholy Hyperbole.