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Poetry about longing.

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A Sea Change

They’ve replaced your hips with cigar boxes that once held nuts and screws and fuses blown years before, but surely too valuable to toss away, the tungsten nearly intact, and who can ever know what we’ll need one day? Where were bones are metal rods instead, threaded for fittings that are counter-sunk and set for heavy lifting. This should serve when the gulls swoop low to mock us to our […]

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The Anatomy of Longing

When he looks inside, the doctor says, You’re fine, save for a few loose parts even he can’t name. That might be why I feel so hollowed out when he tells me Breathe, and then, Again, and I admit to myself, if not to him, I know this feeling from before, a time I was young and hollowed out for sure. He says, Medicine has no name for this, but […]

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