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Poetry about longing.

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The road is a door beckoning and she, clothed in yellow, can not sit still. I’ll be gone for some time. The words spill out before she can hide them behind a bland face and stable eyes. Somehow the walls know. They refuse her care–the dusting, the whitewash and apricot stain. Clothing whispers in the closet: the muffled ting of hanger upon hanger as the knowledge passes from dress to […]

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In Want of Someone

Today there is a lone graying bra in the road. A striped shirt of indeterminate colors lazes against a guardrail. On another day, running shoes dangle from electrical wires. In another city, crew socks in an unopened pack wait on a bus stop bench. A warped overnight case lays open in the weeds. The red nylon nightgown claws its way to the highway’s edge.   Brenda Joyce Patterson ( is […]

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