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Poetry about longing.

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Hail Mary, full of grace, Her name was Mary, & she would have been beautiful: shimmering hair, pink bow lips. the Lord is with thee. He is not with me. There are times when the divine disappears, leaving us blind. Blessed art thou amongst women, I am cursed, or at least stranded in shadow, away from the rays of His radiance. and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. […]

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Boy   I never touched your skin, so in my mind it is scaly, pallid, dry with impending death. Your eyes couldn’t open, they tell me, but I know both were unbearably blue, the kind you see in a too- beautiful summer sky, like the day you left us. That I do remember: how the whole landscape was wrong– sunshine, chirping, full trees, gentle ripples on the water.   You […]

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