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Love is

Love is running the back of a finger along the healthy curve of an infant’s forearm. It is rubbing the soft fullness of a cheek-to-cheek. Love is the baby powder and burps. Love is the way your milk lets down at the sound of a siren and how the weight in your arms fills you with joy.   Love is being unable to sleep as you think about the problem […]

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Getting Religion at A&W

A plastic cup hit the tile. The ice clinked. Soda surged like an outgoing tide.   “I’m sorry Mommy.”   I bent tired legs, knees screeching as I knelt on the sticky floor.   There were things down there I didn’t want to see: Dog hair, an old fruit loop. A stinky kitchen rag swiped through the spreading brown ocean of root beer.   And…   I was fourteen again. […]

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