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Primer Curso de Lengua Española

I wish I had learned more español From this crack-spined text, book-ended on my Desk beside other language guides, color of El infierno de crepúsculo: the burning sky at dusk, so I Could read the great poemas españoles de Dulce María Loynaz, liberator’s daughter, writer of Anthems, hymnos.   But really I wish I had learned the most beautiful Palabras from my wife’s tongue so I Could live two lives […]

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Pure Oxygen

Astronauts are our young who gazed up, saw Three sons burning Inside the lunar module that never Lifted from the pad, their atmosphere ignited By a stripped silver wire–who saw   These nylon suited men imagining what it would be to fly When fire flashed their mission to core Components: breath, and a demand To feel everything, a rising cabin temperature With skyward view–who saw   And decided: to lose […]

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Annotated Bibliography

Daughter. (I heard your first words in your mother’s) downcast Silence, womb-wrapped in shawl on couch pillows, her Face glowing with a muted film’s pale hues: worried Jaw set against the unwatched screen, not looking Me directly in the eye, questions and answers dis- Connected in some essential way between us; even Reaching for the quiet flesh near the womb, reaching for You, we are far away from touch, you […]

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