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Poetry about longing.

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The Hall of Two Truths

Hollow height entombs the space—causing withdrawal. Ceilings ping-pong the babel of TV from distant walls, stirring the phonetic mash of languages—coming—and going. Rooms—as large as football fields— Lilliputian the milling crowd lost and lonely. sterile gray tones wrap around the folks arriving departing travelers rush fleet-footed through turnstiles cogs spinning within full aisles Wheels within wheels—of mind—of conveyer belts—of scrolling flight times—of luggage carts—of taxis. Though their destinations are unknown: […]

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Domesticity’s Bride

The air is leaden with heat. Purple wisteria quickens among the birthing globes of Lake Niagara grapes: draping the arbor, perfuming the air. The vines twine around the shaggy-cedar corner posts. Remnants of summer’s past ghost in the deep shade: beer mugs on five-penny nails hanging from cedar stanchions, broken seashell wind-chimes serenading. Carpenter bees hover above the coneflowers like pom-poms on a fifties crinoline. Dragonflies flit from orange, candy-colored […]

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The Melting Pot – Cherry Tomato Alley

The humid air sweats streaming curls down the toddler’s flush cheeks like Fusilli hot from the stove. The golden ringlets cling to her forehead, bouncing like Slinkies in front of her blue-agate eyes. The backyard’s sounds–bat cracks and wise-cracks–surround her. Squeals echo from the mounds of loam behind her new house. The homes out back form a red, yellow, blue, and green monopoly board configuration. The sand box she sits […]

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