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Discarding the Trappings

When the time comes, it should be easy: Dump your clothes at Goodwill, throw out the old mattress, recycle the chair, take home a few letters, a knickknack or two; you didn’t have much.   But what happens to my memories? They’re not so easily dispatched: Your shining eyes as a gleeful two-year-old; at three, your delight, so cocky, parading your new hat; at four, your beaming face when your […]

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Badge of Womanhood

There comes a time In each woman’s life when Makeup no longer enhances.   I saw this in Mom, Painstakingly applying mascara, lipstick But no longer able to see the blotch, the blur Or that her face now looked oddly askew.   She was pleased with herself Until Dad, distraught from seeing her so unable, Lost his small portion of patience, And snapped, Nancy! You have to wash your face! […]

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