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Poetry about longing.

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Deadwood Passage

an eyelid twitch, a nervous cough become longing tells his Wild Bill eyes smoothed into blandness   an old habit learned and worn between fat moments when everything moves too fast for any but the narrowest openings   a wilderness he lived in with a few other solitary hostiles shooting at trespassers as would-be settlers   his sleepy look fooled even some who knew better by now each player was […]

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Circus of Us

malls and theatres were once less shocking filled with plainclothes strangers self-moving, staying within themselves a long sit on this bench, watching brings them out of plainclothes a platinum blonde stops at a store window looks at her reflection, opens a small purse takes out a lipstick holds it at arm’s length pulls its cover off, out leaps a two-foot butane flame the tip of which she applies briefly to […]

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