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Bridget Talks About Love and Pavlov’s Dog to Her Niece

The laws of physics are often like the Laws of Love, she says. Newton talked about motion and gravity. Einstein had a Theory of Relativity. Think of light, optics. Yes, you’d better buckle-up. When you’re in love there will be a whoosh. You’ll look Twilight Zone-ist, your toes, soles, won’t touch the ground. Honey, you’ll levitate, ride all matter of things. A liar’s lip. Make Mars or moon landings inside […]

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Counting Bodies

For Nicole     I felt like I was in the morgue, counting bodies when I heard the doctors say, “Poor thing, she’s in a coma.” I had been doing aerial spins, loops, dives over and around my hospital bed. Hara-kiri didn’t work. I’d tried to swing on a butcher’s hook. And before that I lay down in a frosty white gown in a funeral home anticipating embalmment. No luck. […]

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Loving Rhonda

He called her Rhon-diful before the lovemaking because, well, she was Beau-tiful. No lightbulb went off. Maybe it was his good looks or, with heated and/or cooled cupholders, the Escalade. If he’d turned the corner a few times, she’d seen the blackboard ahead. That warning was like a chalked dead-body swinging from every streetlight and stop sign: Rhonda, Run Like a Rabbit. But faster. Of course, she didn’t see anything. […]

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