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Poetry about longing.

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Pagan Babies

She wanted her cousin to live forever, so she saved cents to buy a pagan baby, and another, another, naming each one Karen, so someone, somewhere would never stop saying Karen, oh, Karen, like crickets giving breath to the night.   So many cards engraved with the name of each unwitting stranger christened Karen in a pile next to a stack of books with pages of words that talk around […]

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One More Good Year

I just need one more good year, he thought, but wouldn’t demand it, not knowing where to direct his fire. Should he look up, shake a fist? What if his wife saw? She felt   powerless enough, had worn down the cartilage in her knees to make it all better. She was a machine of life, would churn on without him, lonely, fueled by regrets, although he had every   […]

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You won’t melt if I stop with the umbrella at my car and let you go on.   Or maybe I should hand it over, so you can walk off dry, unscathed. But I provide cover   as you unlock your door and turn to me. We reach for each other, the umbrella hovering    over our quick embrace. We let go and lament, “Wish you were closer,” almost together. […]

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