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Poetry about longing.

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More Words About Nothing

Gray words gray faces around the conference table   Words lively as a corpse unlikely to offend but for the bloat of putrefaction   The voice a 60-cycle hum of pure boredom   Words a barium milkshake We drink and drink   Words sour the veneer of politeness that keeps us from screaming or simply walking away   Like gravity tedium warps spacetime slowing the clock to a standstill. Somewhere […]

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The Heart – a Thick-Walled Muscle

My heart called out. No heart replied. The beautiful city bought me a one-way ticket out of town. The perfect woman told me she could not come to the phone. The wrong woman, her mouth open, ate raw whale meat, sticky blood staining her teeth, lips, and chin. I hurt her by refusing to kiss her again.   My dream job sleeps on cold sidewalks under a blanket of want […]

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Intimacy secured behind the titanium door of Puritanism’s vault and you just might know the combination. You who have arms to embrace my most vulnerable emotions and words to bail me out whenever the machismo police haul me in for questioning. I fill out an access request, submit to your background investigation.   Will you reveal yourself a sleeper agent for conformity? Your phrase “Be an adult” code for “Do […]

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Dead Letter Office

The life meant for you undelivered in yellowed envelope addressed to the home you left when you were nineteen.   Inside the girl with the crooked nose with love for you strong as her arms that would never let you go, a career at the small college by the ocean, and the limping cocker spaniel you would have adopted after finding her abandoned on the beach.   No forwarding address. […]

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