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Darth Vader and the Nursing Home

Darth Vader pops a Xanax before going to the Galactic Aging Facility where his mother convalesces, sipping at caf and watching Tatooine weather holos. He waves at the receptionist, carries his stick-up holograms and before going further, rasps a deep metallic breath. He begins his march down the hallway of the decaying, hand bumps a Rodian with one leg and a sparking artificial limb. He palms the door control and […]

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Darth Vader’s Day at Teletech

Darth Vader answered the com in his best falsetto, practically singing, “This is Teletech. My name is Darth Vader. How may I help you?” The Emperor hovered, always shaking his head disapprovingly. Vader pretended his breathing wasn’t ragged, that his fists weren’t clenched and sweaty. “Yes, well, there are two community centers on Dantooine, do you know which one I should connect you with?” The com call ended with a […]

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Darth Vader Frets on His Birthday

Vader looks at his reflection in the door and polishes his helmet. He thinks the mask makes him look old and tired. He palms the door control, and steps into the Emperor’s Throne Room. All of his dark and evil friends are there. Black and silver balloons line the room, cosmic glitz is being served; all of this to celebrate him. As if it mattered to the galaxy, as if […]

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