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The Innocent Betrayer

He’s an indicator mineral, shares the riverbed with a golden girl. They carbon date, waltz, consummate, find strength in their clastic braid. His dull clay arms envelop her, shield her shine from prying eyes. But when they’re pulled apart, sifted for significance, she sinks to the bottom of the placer pan while he’s washed away, his silica spent, discarded, no longer capable of protecting her nuggets from the prospector’s assaying […]

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At the Baptist Funeral

The congregation sways, claps. The choir’s robes shimmer, golden waves of grace. Dazzling. Angkor Wat at high noon. And I’ve imagined such a moment my entire life. What it would be like to swim with this tide, to take part in its monumental flow. Twenty thousand leagues away from my norm, from my terra form as a jutting jetty. A lonely niplet of loam gasping for air beneath an avalanche […]

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Craving the Gravure

Craving the Gravure   Relentless, her appetite for life in black and white. The way she devours Victorian images like doily-bordered chocolates, one after another, until every plate is cleaned. Even period woodblock stamps she licks to slivered ends, their ridges etching her tongue red and blue, a slick metaphor for the era’s purple prose and postcards of families cinched in their parlor best. The black-bulb view of virtue is […]

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