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“The Darkroom of the Body”

– Lea Deschenes   Whatever’s developing is likely to remain sealed below   the skin’s great projection screen until it’s finally done   marinating in chemicals that will either decipher it   as the amazing answer to a litany of unasked questions   or expose it as yet another reminder   of that time I jackknifed the tractor while backing-up a load of hay   and sliced the tubeless tire […]

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Your memory is a pantry cleaned of food, a shelf of peeled up paper and two ants fighting for the last stale crumb.   Your love was a tourniquet.   Your scent is fried chicken, a hated summer job. You peeled those work wears and picked lily of the valley, lit candles, cooked me food I’d never eaten – scallops, imitation crab.   You wrote poems, I threw them away. […]

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