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It’s always in the basement

It’s always in the basement:       the crazy aunt who cackles head in a hatbox smiling as a snake does before it bites you deformed child that moans for attention squatting by boxes sorry about what happens later hulking machinery and appliances that whirl thump and squish cobweb-shaggy corners dark concealed spaces tiny chittering glee made by things that will eat you       maybe before you’re dead gargoyles, goblins and gremlins, oh my Skelebunnies, […]

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she refused to meet him

even to be near to questioning friends she pointed out poetry and mystery are lost to those familiar with details more so when familiarity results in unwanted information mystery is precious   suggesting more than it declares the impressionists painting’s hazy illusion of lake allows dreams of unknown world but travel there: with its dead fish, trash rocks that wound— will it be as beautiful     Michelle Hartmanʼs poems […]

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