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Poetry about longing.

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Melancholy Baby

bored out of my mind / so I come back to you / I always come back to you / I come back to you when I’m drunk / I come back to you when I’m not / though I’m not sure why / perhaps it’s your wicked smile / your wicked point of view / your Frank Sinatra charm / though he was a bastard too / according to […]

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You say that, though you still don’t trust me, you are, momentarily, “cautiously optimistic.” What does that mean exactly? Your tone implies that I should feel a bit of relief, as if the bar I’ve been attempting to jump over has now lowered. However, I didn’t know until now that there was a bar in front of me. (Though maybe that’s what I’ve been bumping up against time and again, […]

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Cave Hill Cemetery

You’re not blaming me for the failure of our relationship are you? Because I’ve been thinking back on that day last summer at the cemetery when you gave me that little speech about having important things to do with important people and how your time was so valuable and all. Remember how you suggested (as we were weaving in and out around the monuments that looked like very large penises?) […]

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