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Sweater Weather

For a former lover   One month ago, you left. Your sweater— burgundy cashmere—lies forgotten, flung over my wingback chair, draped   casually like your arm on my shoulder, releasing the smell of apples and pine cones we gathered that week as we walked hand in hand,   silent against a sudden slap of early autumn. Walking faster, then running, we knew we edged closer to the inevitable   downhill […]

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I need to get out of bed

I need to take a shower. Sweat has glued my features into a face and when I raise my eyebrows, it feels like something is breaking. I should get dressed after that. I will get up, take a shower, put on jeans and the remaining clean t-shirt. I need to do laundry. I need to get moving. I need to forget about the scene at the coffee shop where I […]

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January Moth

Yesterday, a moth flew through the open door and tapped the light over the sink. January— touch and go for a moth—even house-bound, the cold climbs onto his wings. Already, he is less than he was, ridden by the window’s draft— the brief warm spell ended, blinds shut. I balance the old wall clock, wind the mainspring and give the pendulum a push. It ticks through the night and into […]

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the new flat doesn’t smell like anything, not fresh paint, or cleaner, or previous tenants. never before has dust taken so long to settle. i’m trying to stay here, grounded in the scentless, untouched quiet.   but all this kind of moon ever does is throw its many-shadowed blue arms over the floor and, presently, my legs. it is the same moon. then there is the same brick. concrete before […]

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Hail Mary, full of grace, Her name was Mary, & she would have been beautiful: shimmering hair, pink bow lips. the Lord is with thee. He is not with me. There are times when the divine disappears, leaving us blind. Blessed art thou amongst women, I am cursed, or at least stranded in shadow, away from the rays of His radiance. and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. […]

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The new way we intend to help promote your #poetry.

In this digital day and age we must embrace all of the promotional platforms available to us in order to promote our art and/or the art of others. We would therefore like to present those whom we accept for publication with the opportunity to have their work featured on the popular online art community called deviantART regardless of whether or not the poet has an existing dA account, with no […]

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Welcome To Our New E-Zine

Melancholy Hyperbole is a new poetry e-zine looking for poets both published and unpublished for our inaugural issue.  We are interested in poetry about longing.  This is a wide-open subject and can mean anything from unrequited lust to the loss of a pet.  Whatever the subject matter, it must not be boring or corny.  Send us your best work.  Put a new spin on something.  Most of all, please spread […]

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