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Constellations for Dogs

Charlie stares at the faraway lights, winking back out of the dark sky with stories to tell: the long leash   leftover from the First Walk, the leg laying languidly on the horizon like an invitation, the Frisbee   spinning away toward dawn and beyond the reach of even the great outstretched jaws   of the Creator. The crescent moon fills the food bowl, lighting the way for both the […]

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The darkest watch. On the playground across the street, teenagers laugh and weave through a sycamore’s deep shadows. One pair clasp hands, the others clamber atop the jungle gym. In all the yards the weeping cherries blossom strings of pearls, unclasped. A thief’s paradise. Twice tonight I left the quiet of my house, walked to the bridge on Indian Creek, stood listening to the water gossip in the stones. Farther […]

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