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Poetry about longing.

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Hiding Place

i am everybody’s favorite hiding place, everyone’s bedroom closet and under-the-staircases where they wrote letters as a kid and packed a suitcase to run away with, the nooks and crannies they breathed deeply in, escaped family dinners in, hurt themselves in, i am a thousand empty spaces of wood, cement, aluminum, flesh and bone, yet i don’t seem to be animated yet, a real person yet. i am a thousand […]

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Polyamory with Lonelinesses

you can love a thousand lonelinesses, no need for monogamy, you are limitless you can love the razor and the scale, that third bottle of vodka. you can love the night of karaoke with friends when you’re the only one sober as well as loving your bathtub as you sit in it alone on a friday night, starkly pale and small you can love the first kiss’s fists curled up […]

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