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Love Song on Longwave

Boxed here, her room, fruit punch served as breakfast, no TV, bad reception, books on architecture, more on trees, runes, in dust. The mattress, as ever, unshaped to my skin, bones; and so the pain goes, comes in waves.   Now the radio, its waves, long and lonely, and she and I in every note. Each point, the scan finds some instrument, some aria, far flung, from the far reaches […]

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The sun flares over the bay, its haze a portal — to where I left a skin behind: under cliffs where a windbreak stood, catching barbecues, a waft of hot dog fat, skrikes of kids, open-mouths, white noise, broken kites, tugging pants for treats, tugging nan’s, dads tugging hands of ozone-scorched pink, where cirrus streaks cream on blue from gadabouts, tilted faces singed around sunblock and shades.   A photo […]

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