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Winged Victory

In the southwest corner of my college campus stands a replica of Winged Victory, a classical Greek statue with two enormous wings spread perpendicular to her spine. There is nothing above her shoulders but the hint of a neck and the exact position of her upper extremities is left to the imagination. According to the oft-repeated tale, if a virgin ever graduated Winged Victory would sprout a head and arms […]

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A Personal Ad

Pinned on the sports & metro, my thumbs smudged ink against newsprint. I thought about a trip we took: on the ride, I told you I loved how your thigh reddens when I squeeze it lightly, and how my own can’t; you said the other passengers made you nervous. We were on the way to meet your parents. Potholes thumped through the bus like kicked bass pedals. Sun dissolved the […]

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I Can’t Remember What Age I Was

when I was told, but it most likely was the same year security would trail behind me like dragged wagons through stores. Possibly, it was when my mother’s boyfriend, with his breath like yeast and hops, decided to define the word nigger for me. I stared off into the lamp in the corner and watched light seep through prisms in the shade. It might have been the year when loose […]

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