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Poetry about longing.

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She’s an immature sophomore, broad of beam, heavy, with flaming red hair, and a round, pale face. When she takes my class, she’s hurting badly: often as she walks through the quad, kids throw food at her; they call her Whale and Porker. Finally she announces she’s quitting school. I don’t belong here. Everyone puts me down! she wails. Go on independent study, I advise. You can take time off […]

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Plump, bespectacled, prim, he minces into my class, takes a grim look around, and loudly exclaims, What am I doing in this pit of slime, this cesspool full of weirdos?  He sounds like a poet, I think.  It’s not often I get a student who can make metaphors this well. Is he a young Baudelaire, a Hart Crane, a Wallace Stevens? One day a girl says to him, You have […]

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