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Ballad of the World

Somewhere a mother Keeps on wishing For the touch of Her estranged son While somewhere he Keeps on wondering Why he can’t find A woman he loves While somewhere the girl He abandoned Keeps on hoping he’ll Want her back While somewhere a song Finds its ending Only to start Once again     Richard Schnap is a poet, songwriter and collagist living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His poems have most […]

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In the Gutter

There’s a pile of torn-up Lottery tickets Left by somebody That only wanted more And the shattered remains Of a broken beer bottle From someone whose wishes Never came true And a fallen flyer For a beloved lost cat That provided somebody With unconditional love And an outdated bus pass From someone that learned The farther they traveled The more nothing changed     Richard Schnap is a poet, songwriter […]

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He grew up wishing That he was somebody Who could defend himself against The tough schoolyard bullies Who could win first prize In an essay writing contest Who could win the heart Of the homecoming queen Who could learn to speak A dozen languages Who could land a job That wasn’t minimum wage But one day he passed A man in a wheelchair And saw he was singing As if […]

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Notes From The Afterlife

As a ghost he found he could read the minds Of the strangers who seemed to be trapped in themselves   The ones who appeared to be always alone Who dwelled in the shadows of the margins of life   A middle-aged man waiting for a bus He hoped would take him to another planet   A crippled veteran with a metal cane Like a rifle to repel the enemy […]

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