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The Patients Who Died

This is not an elegy. It’s a blackberry. It’s a pumpkin shattered on concrete, the porch in the background unharmed and a river filled with children’s bodies floating into the Halloween of hospitals; I’ve worked too many years on an ambulance, the orange flashing lights memorized in my mind so that I see them in the dark of my body, in the deep twigs of my thoughts, so that a […]

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Kissing God

When I was a teen, We’d make out pretty regularly. The royal We. It’d be fevers in the summer churches of Michigan. I’d shackle God. The grass asleep as if YHWH were mundane, and this passion of the ghosts that We were before I got lost in the military where it ended my belief—the shock that people in foxholes lose faith as easily as keys misplaced in couch hells—and lost […]

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