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Lymph Nodes, Liver Lesions and My Mother

As the doctor exits the exam room she reaches for my hand. I pull her entire body onto my lap as she continues to stare at the Gastrointestinal Diagram like it’s a map of the stars, searching for constellations, seeing only organs, glands and tissues. “Do I need my liver to live?” I stare at her, feel her sit bones press into my quivering quads, her hands interlocking around my […]

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The Lump

has been under my left breast for years.   I do not fear this lump, it has never been examined, prodded   or poked. No biopsy would 
conjure its contents. 

You gave me the lump   in spring of 1996 and for years I was ashamed that others would 
see   the scar, the discolored 
flesh. But last winter, at 28, I 
stepped from the shower,   I saw […]

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