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The Columns at Karnak

He once used a ring to prolong his erection, and panicked, rock hard and throbbing, when it couldn’t be removed.   I thought of the columns at Karnak, their sad priapism, blunt thrusting unable to detumesce once frenzy had passed and all the gods were gone.     Mercedes Webb-Pullman: Victoria University Wellington MA in Creative Writing, 2011. Her poems and short stories have appeared online and in print, including […]

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The Double Loss

He tried to churn my grief into sex, my still form, so much as butter, hardly mobile, his lips and tongue whipped fast – What am I now? A sleepless waste gone sour. I cannot touch I cannot trust I cannot at all get past the sudden arrest of wrongness, the moment stolen when close to worn-out peace, the rancid of a salted stick – My mouth I cannot taste. […]

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