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The Dysfunctional Catholic Girl’s Guide to Lenten Meditation

I’m going to start off by thinking about fish, fertile ground, I think, for thinking about life. Fish have a lot going for them metaphorically and spiritually. They are the early symbol of Christianity, for instance. They are also a symbol of the painful camping trips I took with my stepfather, whom I always called “Uncle Alex,” a man who loved to fish. But Uncle Alex wasn’t much of a […]

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The hunt in the deep green forest is wild, animals moving packed like lightning. Mysterious, day-glo animals line the insides of your fertile kid mind. Animals busy, so busy, with the Big Business-y agenda of windy adults: An Agenda to Ignore You. Like a wounded Child Captain, you might brave the seas of loneliness and mutiny with some silent sense of inner indignancy, some belief in your situation’s inherent injustice, […]

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