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We split logs heavy as torsos— oak, pine, fatlighter. I lumped over and deadlifted them to the splitter. Gray metal of the machine showed through the fractured red paint like bones. He tugged the lever and the blade gouged and guillotined the wood. The wood popped and smacked down the grain. Fire ants spurted out like blood of slit veins. We hammer fisted some and stomped others—little lit cigarettes. No […]

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Two Poems by T.J. Morgan

DETAILS OF INCARCERATION: Known Affiliations   My father updated his status from his cell block to send a message of grace to “u know who u are.” He updated it to convince himself that he should avoid retaliation, and that “u know who u are” should be glad my father has “a little bit of jesus” in his heart. He does it from a cellphone that guards consider contraband. I […]

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